Free The Heart of Osiris

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Complete The Mission: Lapland

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Osiris' Heart


Ever since the cruel Set killed his brother Osiris, Egypt has been plagued by infertility. Famine and darkness prevail. There is only one way to restore happiness and fertility along the banks of the Nile: to find and release the heart of Osiris. Discover the secrets of the ancient Egyptian gods and restore peace in Egypt.

Mission: Lapland


Problems at the North Pole, no one knows what happened to Santa Claus. Embark on a mission to distant and frosty Lapland. Hurry to save the holidays!

How it works


Your task is to solve puzzles and uncover the secret hidden within each room.

Time is running out…

Will you be able to solve all the puzzles within a limited time?

Feel the adventure

The rooms are filled with unique set designs and atmospheric soundscapes. Thanks to this, you will be transported right into the heart of the adventure!

Ready for adventure?

Our Escape Rooms guarantee a good time!

Who is this for

  • Families and groups of friends.
  • Teams
  • Game enthusiasts
  • Tourists

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